Queen Elizabeth Bio| queen elizabeth full name at birth

Today we will know about Queen Elizabeth and will also discuss some of her biography, so let’s know the biography of Queen Elizabeth.

1.The birth of Elizabeth21 April 1926
2.Elizabeth real nameAlexandra Marie
3.Father nameDuke of Ark
4.Mother nameAngela Margaret
5.His grandfatherJorj Pancham
6.a younger sister name margaret
7.Elizabeth’s husband’s namePhilips
8.Elizabeth has four childrenPrince Andrew, Charles, Anne and Edward
9.Elizabeth deathDied on 8 September 2022
10.cause of death of queen Elizabeth sick with diseases
Queen Elizabeth Biography

Queen Elizabeth was born on 21 April 1926 in the city of London, England, her name was also Queen Elizabeth but her real name was Alexandra Mary, but people knew her as Elizabeth, it belonged to the Queen Elizabeth royal family. . His grandfather was King George V at the time of his birth, his father was Duke of Aker, and later became known as George VI.

Queen Elizabeth’s mother’s name was Angela Margaret, but Elizabeth was named Alexandra Mary, but after becoming queen she changed her name to Queen Elizabeth when she later had a daughter, Alexandra Mary, who became queen and was the queen of Elizabeth II. Known by name.

The education of

Queen Elizabeth, how far Queen Elizabeth has been educated, she has never gone to school, she has got her early education in the palace itself. . He has also taken driving and mechanic training, Queen Elizabeth has learned complete information about driving a car, driving a car, Queen Elizabeth does not need any kind of license to drive, she roams around the country without a passport. Not only can she roam, but she has traveled and has also traveled to some countries.

Know how Queen Elizabeth became Queen of Britain

Hi, let’s take a look at this, how Queen Elizabeth became Queen of Britain Here we will know that 10 years after the birth of Queen Elizabeth, in 1936 her uncle, Maharaj Edward, an American social light, Wallis Simpson and ousted him from the claim to the throne, a landmark decision for him when his father became king when Elizabeth was 25 years old, and it was the entire system of her royalty after the death of King George VI in 1952. As such, England, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Canada were handed over to Queen Elizabeth along with other monarchies and from that time she became the Queen of Britain.

Elizabeth passed away

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has passed away, it happened on 8 September 2022, she had turned 96 years old.

What was the cause of death of Queen Elizabeth?

The cause of death of Queen Elizabeth was because she had been suffering from illness for a very long time, and it is also being told that Queen Elizabeth had some disease called Episodic Mobility Sickness, it is also heard that she Was also infected with Corona at the time of Kovid-19.

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