Love Shayari in English | English Shayari 2023

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Love Shayari

The journey is as far as you are, the sight is as far as you are, although thousands of flowers bloom in Gulshan, but the fragrance is as far as you are.

You are the word I write with my pen, you are the thought I think with my mind, you are the wish I ask in my prayers, and you are the wish I keep in my heart.

Eyes do not deny your love, now I am not waiting for anyone else, I am silent so that existence is mine, but you should not understand that I am not in love with you.

Every decision is not taken by tossing a coin, it is a matter of the heart, just take care, how much do you know how much I love you, if you tell me, I will put my heart out now.

The arrows in your eyes are so cunning, that it is not known for whom they are aimed.

Love Shayari in English

I wish you would get down in my presence. I look in the mirror and you appear. You are in front of me and this time stops, and this life passes by looking at you.

Sweet sweet memories Decorate your eyelids. Keep the moment spent together in your heart. If I can’t be seen in reality Call me in your dreams with a smile.

When I spoke to him about two things, the heartache disappeared, people asked us what happened to you, we just kept smiling, now how can I say that I too have fallen in love with someone.

May I meet you in such a way that I become your dress, making you the sea itself become thirsty, today I may be scattered in the face, tomorrow it may not be possible for me to find you.

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