2 Two line love shayari in english | Shayari in english 2 lines attitude

Friends, you must know that love is considered to be the most beautiful thing in the world. Whenever a person loves someone, there is no limit and according to this loving atmosphere, we have brought some romantic love to you. You can share with your love girlfriend,

friends, we have prepared this article very hard for you, you share them with your dear ones because we will keep bringing such good poetry quotes for you.


My love is a matter,and I am when you are with me

front, the heart will agree, the more you see, the more you will love

I miss you a thousand times in my heart, I love you more.

will not be able to express love, we just know that we want you.

May life be just like this, stay together and life never ends.

That is enough for Ehsaas-e-Mohabbat, without you we live on our own.

sleep stealers ask why don’t you sleep….!!! is so much worry, then why ca

n’t meet, then what happened, I still love you unaccountably.

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Take care for me , of course your breath continues, but life in you is our habitation.

Don’t sit in front like this, this patience doesn’t happen every time, sir!

in stubbornness, we broke up with him, now he is not at peace and we are also desperate.

Love will have an effect, as much as it is here, it will happen there too,

It is also difficult to die, without a human that person stops coming even in dreams.

I want you to meet…Laughter for life!!

How can I say that I do not love you, love means only you !!

If there is love, there will be an effect, as much as it is here and ther

You talk heart to heart with your pen, why not tell us directly, why do you love

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